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The Challenge
Transformation, diversity, equity, and excellence cannot just be buzz words in higher education. National leadership organizations expect institutions to behave as social organisms that continuously change alongside American demographics, demanding services that make education accessible for all.

The Mission
In partnership, Coop Di Leu (formerly CoopLew) and Diverse: Issues In Higher Education are seeking to penetrate institutional efforts by learning what institutions are doing, or not doing, to transform everyday experiences for their students, faculty, and staff.

Together we are utilizing four Institutional Pillars for Transformation (IPTs) and a Pillar Indicator Map (PIM) to set a framework to identify institutional components within each Pillar that speak to intentionality, frequency, and policy associated with behaviors and expectations for executing transformation within core executive-level activities for recruitment, retention, reward, promotion, and pipeline.
Pillar I: Institutional Leadership & Commitment
Pillar II: Institutional Curricular & Co-Curricular Accountability
Pillar III: Institutional Climate
Pillar IV: Institutional Representation/Composition
Participate in the DOIT Surveys to find out where your pillars rank.
(Surveys are now closed.)
The DOIT certification
The certification is a mechanism for colleges and universities progressing through the DOIT diversity and inclusion administration organization maturity model.

The DOIT maturity model includes:

  • Emerging College/Universities receiving a low score on the IPTs
  • Developing College/Universities receiving average scores on the IPTs
  • Transforming College/Universities receiving above average scores on the IPTs

The certification process and standards will be developed during the Fall of 2020 thru the Spring of 2021 after we have gone through a full cycle of benchmarking through the DOIT surveys and scoring.